Dating With An Older Gay Guy

For years, I know this guy and older gay men for the first month, and so to get to know him, still pressing on me, until finally the point that I am not interested in dating him, not to mention any casual sex. So I kept with it is to go out, because only such an amazing guy. When I finally got the message, our friendship will continue as normal and actually find a connection. He always tell me about their experiences with the boys he met on gay dating sites and I trust him about his relationship problems. We were completely comfortable talking about these things, so our friendship was really solidifying.

About three months ago, he started hitting on me and flirting with me again. For some reason, this time do not remember that much and instead of openly rejecting it, just ignore his advances. It was not as though any big gestures in order to woo me – just from time to time comment on how I was such a great guy, and sometimes “innocently” put his hand on my thigh. You do not seem to me that the innocent, though. The main problem was that he did it in a rather awkward moments like when he talked about the commitment to the relationship I’m in. What really threw me.

Other weekend, it was just two of us hanging out after a few beers (and maybe a few beers too many) and I think I lost my sense of sexual orientation. Indeed, we can certainly say that she was sexually confused, because everything started physical. Without going into details too much, our pants were off and the older gay man who was once my friend soon becomes her lover! I have a really strict guy when it comes to infidelity in relationships. My motto is always “One strike you’re out” as soon put a stop to things before something really serious. I really just curious, but soon began to feel cumbersome.

Now, several weeks after the incident, things are not so bad. We resumed our friendship (assuming that a short sexual put our friendly relations in the break), but still maintain the feeling that this could be the beginning of the end because I’m not sure if I’ll ever be over what completely. Seeing as I have many friends, it certainly would be a pity to lose him, but I think I only have yourself to blame.

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