Does He Like Me Or Not?

Wondering If He Likes You?

Is this your situation? He seems to do and say all the right things; you spend time together, cooking, watching movies, going for walks and more. The problem is, you are still unsure if he likes you…

Does He Like Me or Not?

The reality is, there are many men that won’t commit to any form of relationship. You spend nights together, have a great time and do numerous things that couples do, but he refuses take things further. This situation is both frustrating and hurtful, as not only do you want more from him, but time is also ticking. I get this; many women have this very challenge of men refusing to commit, and it isn’t going away!

Reasons Men Won’t Commit

There are many reasons a man will not take things further and have a relationship. A surprise thought to many a woman, is that it’s not always your fault, you may simply be hanging out with a commitment phobe. Below are some common reasons as to why a relationship is not on the cards. Again, don’t assume it’s you!

  • He got burnt prior to meeting you and is scared of getting hurt.
  • He has never had a serious relationship so is scared of commitment.
  • He feels unworthy as a partner and needs reassurance.
  • He is a player or there is another woman.
  • You are pushing too hard to early, and you need to deal with him skilfully.
  • He is just not that into you.

I would say that the above reasons would cover most scenarios. Sometimes there may be other reasons at play, perhaps he will be going overseas, or you both live far apart which makes it difficult. Regardless, if you are into each other, you should be able to find a way. I always tell my clients that if it’s a good fit, it shouldn’t be difficult. This is important advice!

How to Deal With Him

First, it is important to figure out what you’re dealing with. Is this something that can be worked through, or are you fighting a losing battle? There are strategies you can use to figure him out. Communication is key, and you must express how you feel, while trying to make sense of his thinking.

Timing is also important, laying your cards on the line to early can scare him off, but in saying that, there should be an end point in mind. I recommend a time-frame, if he won’t commit by blah blah blah, it is time to end it.

Women wondering, does he like me or is he wasting my time, are a common set of challenges, so please don’t feel alone.

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