Finding Mr Right

Day after day of being alone searching singles websites and feeling disgusted at never finding Mr Right. Meeting what seems to be the same type of people on an endless string of first dates.
You are not alone in feeling like finding a mate is an arduous chore that taxes your brain and wreaks havoc on your emotions. You do your best, and always put your best foot forward but it seems like you never get past a first or second date, or when you do have a longer relationship, they end the same way and you are back to square one.

There are various reasons that men and women seem to be incompatible and yet destined to be together. Emotional blocks, upbringing, environment, and past history all play huge parts in what define us and our dating life and how we relate to others.

Like any other task, there are proper ways to go about finding success. Dating is no different. There are methods to ensure a positive outcome just like there are ways to ensure defeat.

Some Key Points for Meeting Mr Right Are:

Go where the men are! If you whine about not meeting guys, and yet don’t leave the house, there isn’t much hope you are going to find one. Go to where men are that you would want to date. Don’t hang out trying to pick up drunk guys at a bar if you want to date someone who doesn’t drink and is responsible.

Make Change! With help, either professional or layman, analyse why your past relationships failed and work on correcting these problem areas of your life. Enlist the help of a good friend to be brutally honest and give you the low-down on your personality and how you come across to others in public. It may hurt, but the truth will set you free.

You reap what you sow! Like anything else in life, what you invest in something will determine what kind of return you receive. Invest in yourself, making yourself healthier, smarter, kinder or whatever you might need. Dating is a bit like marketing and the product is YOU. Be your best self and you will attract those who want to be with you.

If you are not sure how to begin, don’t worry! I am here to help! Nothing is better than having an unbiased third-party assess your situation. Email me now, and let’s get to work finding Mr Right your knight in shining armour!

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