How To Attract Women: Seven Easy Lessons

Every guy wants to be able to attract women. You’re in a bar with your buddies, having a few drinks after work, and suddenly you spot a sexy vixen giving you the eye from across the room. You brush it off and keep schmoozing with your friends, but then you notice a second, very pronounced glance. You give yourself a quick pep talk, head over, and initiate a conversation with the woman.

The conversation starts off well; she seems interested and bubbly. You take the typical first encounter route, asking her where she works, where she’s from, and what she does for fun. Just when you’re starting to feel confident, she begins looking around the room and stops contributing to the conversation. You quickly steer the discussion to a new topic, hoping that it will end the uncomfortable silence that seems to be growing. But it doesn’t work. She takes a brief sip from her drink, excuses herself to go to the bathroom, and never returns.

If this happens to you on a regular basis, then this article is for you. Read on and find out how you can attract women and keep the conversation intriguing.

1. Women Don’t Want To Be Interviewed 

Instead of asking her of questions like “where are you from” and “what do you do for fun,” make a definitive statement or a cold read. For example, say “you’re not from around here, are you?” or “you must be a lawyer.” This is a terrific method to prevent the conversation from turning into a boring interview. Try to practice this tactic the next time you’re in a bar because it’s a crucial behavioral component to attract women.

2. Women Are Attracted To Healthy Men

Don’t talk about how tired you are or that you had the flu a week ago. Instead, mention things that show good health. For example, tell her something funny that happened when you went for a run or while you were at the gym.

3. Don’t Brag

It’s great that you have a nice car and a great job, but don’t tell her that directly. Although women are attracted to wealth, they are not attracted to men who brag about it. The reason behind this is that women can sense that a tendency to brag likely stems from low confidence. Instead of bragging, tell her an interesting story that allows her to decipher independently that you’re successful.

4. When You Talk Ta A Woman, Make Sure To Have A Relaxed Body Posture 

Relax your shoulders and put your weight on one leg. Lean comfortably against a wall or the bar if possible. Most important of all, hold your drink to your side, not in front of you. Men have a tendency to hold their drinks firmly in front of their stomachs. This creates an artificial barrier between you and the woman and hinders your ability to attract her. If you can incorporate these suggestions, you will come across as a much more confident and desirable person.

5. Try To Be A Little Mysterious

If she asks you questions, don’t give her elaborate, detailed answers. Instead, provide her with clues about who you are and let her figure out the rest. This will intrigue her and prompt her to learn more about you.

6. Women Love To Role Play

Indulge her appetite for fantasy by making her your personal assistant and giving her a playful order. Or pretend that you are a loving couple and then break up with her when she says something that you don’t like. Tease her and tell her that if she makes up for it, you might take her back.

7. Understand How To Attract Women From A Her Perspective

Attraction for women works differently than it does for men. Once you understand how attraction works from a female perspective, you’ll find it much easier to create attraction, and to avoid destroying it. 

Once you really start to understand the secret of attraction, suddenly the problem of how to attract women becomes much easier to solve. This is one of those things that guys who really get women understand, and average guys struggle with. 

Learning how to attract women takes time and dedication, but in the end it’s an extremely important skill to develop. Taking the time to work on this element of your life doesn’t just lead to fun times with new women at bars and nightclubs, it also leads to better relationships, a better family and a better life down the road.

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