How To Attract Asian Women

How To Attract Asian Women

For many non-Asian men, how to attract Asian women can be a mystery. It is not difficult as one may think. If you just apply yourself, with a little bit of time and education, it will become a breeze to know how to pick up women. First and foremost, when you’re learning how to attract Asian women, leave all thoughts of having your very own Geisha at the door. Asian women have been thoroughly stereotyped in film and television as being prostitutes, Geishas, peasants and exotic dancers (especially in war films).

So when you think about how to approach women, the LAST thing you should say is, “I have got a HUGE Asian fetish!” You have automatically screwed yourself, because now this woman will just be a sex object in your eyes. Even if this wasn’t what you intended, you’ll never get a 2nd shot at your first impression. All you can do at that point is tuck your tail between your legs, wish her a pleasant evening and move on to the next woman.

You might be asking yourself not only how to attract Asian women, but where to meet them? There are a few surefire places to go to find large groups of Asian women together at the same time. It might sound cliche to some, but Asian restaurants are a good place. The trick is to look for smaller Asian restaurants that locals frequent, not your neighborhood Panda Express. Next, look for dances that are being held around town and which are hosted by different Asian clubs. Don’t feel out of place going to these dances. Even though they are hosted by Asian clubs, they’ll welcome you as long as you’re respectful to the women.

Finally, a clever technique which can help you learn how to attract Asian women involves Asian grocery stores.  If you see an attractive woman in one of the aisles, pick up two different items and just look confused. If she’s helpful (or possibly interested), she will help you choose the right item. Now the lines of communication are open, so take it from there.

If you really want to get into an Asian woman’s good graces, learn to differentiate between Asian nationalities and learn a little bit about each culture. NEVER EVER ask what nationality she is. That is a huge pet peeve to Asian women. This is because it brings you back to thinking of them as an object and not engaging her personality or her interests. When it comes to learning how to pick up Asian women, let her tell you her nationality when she’s ready.

If she does decide to disclose her nationality, it will truly impress her if you can show that you know something about her culture. No matter how trivial it might seem to you, she will normally find it quite endearing. Just avoid offensive stereotypes. For example, she might be Vietnamese, but don’t tell her you’ve always wanted to know what dog meat tastes like. She might have eaten it all throughout her childhood, but because of the negative social stigma in other countries, you’ll have blown it big time.

How to attract Asian women does come with its own playbook to follow. Just do your homework, choose your words carefully, know where to go and have common sense. It’ll get easier and you’ll have the Asian woman of your dreams.

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