How to Meet a Man

So You Want to Know How to Meet a Man, Not Just Any Man But, “The Man”? Have a Read…
You want a man who cuddles up with you at night and makes you feel safe, a man that is good to his mum, a man that has a great social circle, a man with ambition, money, a kind heart and spirit!

You want to know how to meet a man that is tall, dark and handsome, has a good body, posture and presence. He is fit and healthy and perhaps knows how to dance. Is this the type of man you would like to meet?

Or Maybe You Want to Know How to Meet a Man Who is The Complete Opposite?

Perhaps I’m wrong, I got it all wrong and what I’ve just described could not be further from what you want! What I described is a bit cliché, old hat and common… Perhaps you’re looking for something completely different, something that suits your unique needs. Maybe your friends want to meet a man like that, but you don’t?

Have You Ever Sat Down And Thought About The Type Of Man You Would Like To Meet?

It’s amazing when I talk to single women about this and the lack of clarity they display in knowing what they want. Most women know they don’t want to be single but that’s as far as it goes. When it comes to describing what his like, his looks, his values & personality… I get many a blank stare…

Seriously, how can you expect to find something when you don’t even know what it looks like? Don’t you know that clarity is motivating, clarity drives us to take action in new directions and this action might show you how to meet a man that perfectly fits your needs?

Don’t Be Influenced By Your Friends

You’re friends love you, would never dream of competing with you and want what’s best for you – without any motive. Your friends are never concerned with what others think and their choices in men are completely unbiased. Am I being sarcastic? Mmmmmm

The point is this… You are the only person that matters and what you want in a man should have no influence from friends, society etc. Some women I know are more concerned about image than what they actually want. They will go for a man with status as opposed to one that makes them happy.

Many women are caught in this trap and jump around looking for” Mr Right” when they don’t even know what he looks like.

Your Plan For Meeting a Man

Sit down with a piece of paper and get clear. Begin writing down what you’re looking for, what would make you happy and by when you want to meet him. Get clear, set some goals and think about where you might find him. What’s he into, where does he hang out and what actions can you take? Remember that activity creates opportunity…

Now get cracking!

Thanks for reading, as usual comments are welcome.

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