How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You – Signs Of A Cheating Girlfriend

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You – Signs Of A Cheating Girlfriend

There are four universal signs that your girlfriend has been cheating.

One of the worst feelings you can have is when you find out your girlfriend’s been cheating on you. An unfaithful girlfriend can do a lot of damage to you before the relationship crumbles apart. Infidelity has been on the rise, in part because Hollywood has glamorized the idea of having an affair, especially to women. The worst thing about having a cheating girlfriend is realizing the ease with which someone who means something to you can end up lying to your face.

Infidelity is an epidemic that has infected many committed men and women across the country. Almost everybody you know has probably cheated on his or her spouse or partner at least once while in a relationship. Cheating, I believe, is now as common as hay fever in springtime.

Traditionally, unfaithfulness is more commonly committed by men. Nowadays, however, many girlfriends and wives are also having illicit relationships. Fortunately, there are four distinct signs that you can pick up on to find out if your girlfriend or spouse is being unfaithful. If you’ve found that in the past you’ve missed the signs of infidelity, it’s probably because you weren’t paying as much attention as you should have. Often we ignore warning signs because they present a threat to a situation that feels comfortable. But simply knowing the four signs of a cheating partner can help you catch unfaithfulness before it grows into an affair.

Be observant and sensitive to everything around you

The first major sign of a change in behavior is a change in dress and fashion. Has your girlfriend suddenly started caring more about her appearance and asking you how she looks? Chances are she already knows you find her attractive, so the fact that she’s asking means she’s more concerned about how she appears to the opposite sex in general. A drastic change in appearance is always a warning sign, it means that something has changed in her. We change our appearance when something inside us has changed, it’s a strange but irresistible urge and part of what makes us human. We define ourselves by our appearance, and women do this far more than men. If your girlfriend has suddenly changed her appearance and hasn’t mentioned some major change in her life or goals, than it’s likely that change is someone new in her life.

A different hairstyle, nail polish, clothes, or jewelry are all things she does to change the way she looks. Women pay far more attention to the small details so even if it doesn’t seem like a drastic change for you, just the fact that she’s shaving her legs more often can be a big change for her. If this sounds familiar, beware, she’s trying to impress someone new in hopes that she’ll soon be enjoying his meaty “manhood”. Cheating probably isn’t that far off.

Less intimacy

Emotional connections are built and reinforced with intimacy, through actions, touch, and words. If your girlfriend hates kissing, or doesn’t like holding your hands, she wants to leave you. We have a built in drive to match our behaviors to our emotions, so only skilled actors are able to make fake intimate gestures convincing. Most of us will find it very difficult and distasteful to kiss and touch someone we have negative feelings about.

This also manifests through your sex life, a sudden drop in sex for no reason is a major warning sign of approaching infidelity. If she’s wearing her good lingerie but not having sex with you, she’s wearing it for someone else. It’s very likely that’s she’s already been unfaithful.

Girl’s Night Out and Overtime

Has she been spending a lot more time with her girlfriends. If she’s goes out with the girls more, she wants to get away from you. Girls are terrible gossips, so pay attention to her friends’ behavior around you. If they are treating you differently, it’s a good bet that she’s been bad-mouthing you to her girls. If she’s spending a lot more time with the girls but never brings them around, there are two possibilities, both bad. One, she’s been talking a lot of shit about you and thus doesn’t want her girls around you. Or Two, she hasn’t been spending that time with her girls…

Overtime projects may be an excuse to see another man. We all have varying work schedules, but be suspicious if suddenly she needs to spend lots of overtime. So see if she really is working on a project by stopping by to see her. Bring her coffee or dinner as a excuse.
If she sees you and is working she will appreciate your gesture. If she is not there or wants you to leave, she’s hiding something.

Another easy tell is to smell her, if she’s been having sex she will either smell like sweat, sweat and perfume, or she’ll smell like she just took a shower. Your nose is far more observant that you realize. Just give her a hug when she comes home and if she’s been with another man, it will be obvious.

More Talk on the Phone and Internet

Granted women talk on the phone lots, and they do the same on the internet, but a spike in phone and/or internet activity can be because there is a new man in her life. The key thing to watch for here is openness. If she hides her messages or avoids you when she is on the phone, she may be talking to another guy. If she’s been getting a lot more phone calls recently, especially calls late at night, she’s definitely got a relationship on the side. It might not be physical yet, but emotional infidelity tends to quickly escalate to a cheating girlfriend. 57% of women flirt on the internet, so watch out for “harmless” flirting, it’s never harmless.

If a girl has 2 of these 4 signs…watch out! Talk to her about it and see if the relationship can be saved, but remember to ask yourself, if this is happening, do you really want to save the relationship or are you just comfortable and don’t want to deal with change?

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