Strong Signs She Is In Love With You

Strong Signs She Is In Love With You

Everyone wants to be loved enough and feel loved. However, when rejected, we feel its absence strongly. This causes many of us to stay on guard, protecting our hearts and missing the greatest gift of all because we are sitting on the fence of feelings. But by protecting ourselves from being hurt, we are also protecting ourselves from being loved. When we open ourselves up to love we can experience something extraordinary. You will know that you are loved when you see these 15 strong signs that she is in love with you!

Everyone wants to feel loved. It is the most natural human desire, companionship. The pain and anguish of being rejected can make the idea of putting our heart on the line terrifying. We think of how it might feel to not be wanted, but we might be missing out on someone right in front of us if we don’t recognize the signs that they are in love with us. How can we tell if the right person is right next to us?

Here are three trends that you want to look for:

To begin with, she makes the extra effort to show you that she cares. Put differently, she actively invests in you without looking for reciprocation. This offers the opposite of what it feels like not to be loved enough. Here the girl is being attentive in all the small things. For example, she is affectionate and pays special attention to you. She makes you smile and cares about your wants and desires. This shows you that she is thinking about you. If she knows how to put you in a better mood, it is a sign that there is a connection between the two of you that you may not have recognized. Furthermore, you may notice that she gives in unexpected ways. Maybe she spontaneously buys you that album you said you wanted. That tells you that you are special to her. Also, if she has to give you a gift for a special occasion such as your birthday, you might notice if she puts a lot of thought into it. If you are important to her, her gifts reflect the attention she has been paying you.

A second major sign that she is in love with you is that she takes efforts to connect your lives together. This takes different forms. For example, is she taking up an interest in the things that interest you? Chances are it’s you and not your hobbies that she’s really into. That she is asking about your hobbies means that she is investing in being part of your life. Similarly, she may be a very friendly person, but, if she goes out of her way to help you out, she is making herself available for you. That is why someone who likes you tends to call when there is no reason. She is thinking about you and likes spending time with you. Another way she might include herself in your life is by dropping by to see you or suggesting activities for just the two of you. This allows for privacy for you to develop a more intimate connection and even for you to be more physical. More importantly, it shows that she is thinking about sharing her life with you.

The last way she shows that she loves you is that she expresses her care for you. If she is telling you that you make her feel amazing, she is telling you that you are more than just a friend, as friends do not talk like this to each other. Likewise, if she shares secrets with you that she doesn’t normally tell others, she is opening her heart up to you. This means that she trusts you, which is the foundation of a good relationship. More obviously, if she is direct and tells you that she likes you (especially if she uses “love”), you better believe that she is not talking about friendship. She is being vulnerable and wants you to know that she is willing to risk how it feels to be rejected

Sometimes you’ll just know, other times love will surprise you, seeming to come out of nowhere. But there are always signs! These are the strong signs that she is in love with you. Without even realizing it, you too are broadcasting these signals to her…because you are in love with her.

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