Tips For Dating Younger Women

Tips For Dating Younger Women

It is no surprise many men are interested in dating younger women. This concept is not new and has been taking place for ages, although perhaps for different reasons.

Men are no longer seeking young women to bear them a multitude of strapping young boys to rear. On the contrary, most men are interested in younger women because of their youth, vitality, attractiveness and lack of baggage.

Here are a few things to know when dating younger women.

Feel No Shame Guys!

There is no reason to cower and feel embarrassed because you are attracted to a younger girl. The fact is she’s been looking for you. Statistically speaking, more women date older men than you think. The reasoning; girls mature faster than boys. Therefore a maturing girl is much more interested in and stimulated by an older man.

Be Yourself

One habit some men have when they begin dating younger women is pretending to be who they are not. A bit of advice, DON’T try to act younger than you are. If she met you in your khakis and cardigan, don’t try showing up in baggy hip huggers and flip flops. If she wanted to date someone who dressed like a teenager, well then she would.

Also, if you are going to take her out, treat her like a woman. Most likely she is eagerly anticipating what your life experience has to offer her, so plan your dates accordingly. Don’t feel pressured to take her clubbing just because you think that’s what girls her age like. Her level of maturity will surprise you so plan a date you know you will enjoy and be yourself.

Be a Gentleman

This could be EXACTLY why she’s dating you. For once she met someone who noticed her without commenting on her tight # ahem – backside or who actually still opens the door for her. Basically, be a good guy.

No matter how attracted you are to her, take it slow. She may already be concerned you are more interested in her physically than mentally and this is the exact thing she is trying to avoid. Why do you think she’s dating an older man? It’s most likely not because of your six pack abs.

Be Ready for Adventure

If you are the type of guy who schedules his meals along with his evening television programming, dating younger women will most definitely shake up your routine. While you may be a homebody, tired of the outside world, she is just beginning to explore hers.

This includes sex. While you may be looking forward to a dose of fresh sexual energy from this young kitten, be sure you know what you are getting yourself into. These younger females may not be completely aware of what satisfies them.

They will be open to multiple positions, locations and inventive romance. If your idea of a roll in the hay is on a timeframe, you may want to rethink your dating age preference.

You had best prepare for extensive bouts of spontaneity. This includes last minute dates, exhibitionistic sex and even a midnight stroll. She will keep you on your toes but be sure you’re ready and open to a younger more adventurous view of life.

Finally, Limit Your Baggage

It is probably best in the beginning to keep things simple. Share your interests, hobbies and passions with her. Avoid bringing up ex-wives, widows, children, your mental health issues and financial worries. Her youthful mind may become overwhelmed with your baggage and she could feel ill prepared to be your equal.

Many older men share long and lasting partnerships from dating younger women. Don’t let age stop you in your quest to find an ideal partner who satisfies your needs and adds vigor to your step.

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