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I get this from women all the time, “I do want to begin dating but I don’t know where to meet men”
Ok so I get it, when you are younger hanging around with your single girlfriends, you are regularly out socialising, going to parties, night clubs and places where you’re meeting people. New boyfriends are coming into the mix and with them, a bunch of new males – opportunities…

It’s Easier When You’re Younger

So when you are young and single, you are not so worried about meeting men as opportunities are abundant. Now you find yourself in your late 20’s – 30’s and 40-s still single, but without all those useful social engagements. So what happened?

You Got Older and The Dating Game Changed With Age…

Well, as your friends settled down, got married and had kids, you kind of lagged behind. It’s not that you’re a bad person, unlovable or unlucky in love… This is just the turn of events and where you find yourself. You do have choices and can definitely play catch up!

By the way – If you have recently come out of a long-term relationship, then pay attention, as I would assume you also want to get out there and meet men. The same rules apply.

Your Dating Strategies

You need a newer dating strategy and instead of waiting for opportunities to come to you (like the older days) you now must go after them. You got to take the bull by the horns so to speak and get yourself active – and the best palace to begin is with lead sources designed for single people.

I’m talking about online dating, speed dating, singles parties, singles cruises and any kind of event that is designed to put single people into the same

place. These events are everywhere and a great starting point to get you active.

Next I would look at life enrichment activities. These are activities that are not specifically designed for single people but will still help you to meet people and more so good men! I am talking about gym classes, fitness events, dance classes, cooking classes, yoga and more… Here you will definitely meet other people!

Go Out at Night To Meet Men

Finally I would suggest that you get a bunch of singles girls together and as a minimum go out at least twice a week. I am talking about bars, concerts, and yes the occasional night club. You never know where you will run into your next partner and when you put yourself out there, opportunity has a strange way of finding you.

One of my philosophies as a dating coach is that activity creates opportunity. I know for a fact that when you get yourself out there, opportunity eventually appears, and in your case it may just be “Mr Right!”

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