Why Am I Still Single?

Does This Sound Familiar?

After years of watching friends get married, attending baby showers, while doing your best to change this, you are still single and it hurts!

Everywhere you see happy couples. When out shopping there are couples holding hands, at the movies, couples making out. Hell, you can’t even attend a family gathering without being asked the dreaded question, “When are you going to get married?”

You Hoped For So Much More…

It was never supposed to be this way; you’re nice-looking, smart and somewhat funny. Friends tell you that you’re attractive, a good catch, and that any guy would be lucky to marry you. So what’s going on? You feel like this is your destiny and nothing can fix it!

You Are Not Alone

If this is how you feel, you’re not alone. This is a common experience of the women that I meet. It may seem like the harder you try the worse it gets – yet doing nothing guarantee’s things won’t change. I have even heard it described as some kind of curse, or that some higher force might be dishing out punishment.

Some Women Actually Move Passed This

Would you believe there are actually women who felt the same way but broke through? When all hope was lost and it was time to give up, resign to living as the “Cat Lady”, something shifted which changed their lives forever – they discovered happiness! What was this shift, who knows, but it happened, and from that moment on they stopped wondering why am I still single, and got on with life.

All of a sudden the right guy showed up and didn’t flake on them. For once there was a feeling of attraction where not only was he interested, but the feeling was mutual. Like a bad dream ending, the spell was broken and moving on from single life became a reality

My Interpretation Of Events

I can’t say with certainty what causes some women to find themselves in chronic situations of loneliness. I cannot say for certain what causes so many to shift out. What I am certain of though, is that nobody is ever destined to be single. Usually there is some sort of fear, an inner-wound that causes this condition.

Again, Why Am I Still Single?

It may be a fear of intimacy, concerns over a loss of freedom, or even something as trivial as feeling unattractive. It is not the size of the wound but rather the impact. It’s these wounds that cause chronic singleness. Once the wounds are healed and shifts take place, life start to improve and you may never need ask the question again, “why am I still single”?

Please don’t think this is your lot in life to be alone. Giving up is as bad as never trying. You simply need the right shifts to occur and whole new world of possibilities will appear.

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